Peterhead landed Fillet of Halibut

Peterhead landed Fillet of Halibut, Simon Howie’s Black Pudding, Artichoke Puree, Artichoke Crisp, Prosciutto Ham and Truffle Oil by sous chef Ross Harris.

At Taynuilt Hotel and Restaurant we love working with seafood which has helped us create this new special dish.

We have chosen halibut as our fish of choice for our new starter because it is very versatile and can easily stand up to meaty flavours such as Simon Howie’s Black Pudding and the Prosciutto ham.

We also use artichokes on this dish as we find it has a certain smoky flavour that blends in well with the truffle oil. The artichoke crisps and the dehydrated Prosciutto ham are there not only for their bold flavours but they also change the textures on the plate to help your mind love all the contrasts on the plate.

And the final note is our crisp shallots that make one last drive on the palate, packing a punch and releasing a subtle heat that makes sure you won’t forget this dish in a hurry.