Visit to a Wagyu Beef Herd

Monday the 25th of January the team headed off to Dunblane in search of Beef, not just any old beef though, Wagyu beef.

Raising Wagyu is considered an art and in order to be successful it’s 70% genetics and 30% diet. They’ve secured some of the best genetics outside Japan and have the three major bloodlines – Tajima, Fujiyoshi and Kedaka – in the herd with a high percentage of Tajima.

While there are Red and Black Wagyu cattle, Highland Wagyu currently breed only Black cattle as they have a higher marbling score.

We arrived at Highland Wagyu and were greeted by Husband and wife team, Mohsin and Martine who’s passion and love for what they do is evident from the outset. Just out the cars and it was wellies on and off to see the 100% full breed Wagyu cattle, stunning big creatures and very friendly, they seemed extremely at ease with us, perhaps they found us as interesting to look at as we did them.

Wagyu Beef Cattle away from the Winter elements in a spacious pen

Wagyu Beef Cattle away from the Winter elements in a spacious pen

Having a look around we couldn’t help but notice how well cared for the cattle looked and the space to move around was there, no cramming in here, each member of the herd had its own identity, name, respect, it was great to see. We got a good look round all the sheds, Cattle were all indoors for the Perthshire winter which kept us dry for the most part.

The farm itself sits on a 25,000 acres of stunning Perthshire scenery, although the day we visited it was a bit overcast and rainy still the surrounding scenery is stunning and in summertime I imagine it is idyllic.

Mohsin and Martine are all about respecting the animals, from the farm itself, the buildings that house the cattle, the feed they give them and the nutrition and wellbeing they receive is all about giving the cattle the best possible life cycle. They also work alongside William who runs the Aberdeen Angus programme, he also has his own interests but his passion certainly reflects that of Mohsin and Martine.

Highland Wagyu cattle

John with another handsome beast

Down with William all the boys got to get a picture beside a Bull, a big Bull, not saying that at any time we were scared but he was a big old boy and if he wanted to go we were not going to be stopping him in a hurry.

So the end result, Prime Highland Wagyu beef, the marbling on some of the cuts we were shown was almost unbelievable, luxury Wagyu beef in the world with a consistent marbling score of 9+, which is the highest rating outside Japan. Tom Kitchen has described it as “The best beef in the UK” and Nick Nairn said “best pieces of beef I’ve ever eaten” praise from these great chefs should not be taken lightly.

A great day at Dunblane

A great day was had by all


So here at Taynuilt we are looking forward to getting our first order placed and eagerly await the delivery so the “Testing” can begin, hopefully it falls on another day off and we can open a nice bottle of red whilst we complete the research. All in all another great day out for the team and another cracking producer met.

David Lapsley
General Manager and Sommelier at Taynuilt Hotel